There’s a whisper in the air ,
That Jaunts from ear to ear .
While the mist sits on my glasses ,
And bubbles dances on the coffee cup .
We gag and share failures ,
Like history of buried valiant soldiers .

Where a sip of coffee breaks the hush ,
We let our crackles heat up the freezing breath of winter .
And before rays of wisdom strike our empty heads ,
We Stop but blather like an old woman instead .

And Let not a single smile stay hidden ,
Behind the grumbling lips of judgement .
Our wrinkling eyes twinkle recalling the old days ,
A wink of wonders ; a cough of shame .
The alated needles on our watches ,
Are Just a tickle to our ears that passes .

So yes i have a day for me and fistful of memories ,
Spreading happiness , my once contagious disease .
For i promise tomorrow to be a lot more wiser ,
Only today i creak with my chair ; my smile more wider …

CAN I ???

If it were true then I’d be a flower
That glows with the morning sun
And withers with wind of power
But wouldnt feel slightest of pain or tinge
While it slowly vanishes with the wind

If it were true then I’d be a bird
That chirps with the one in love ;
singing when the morning comes
And when she weeps its still a chirp
A beautiful melody heard on earth

If it were true then I’d be an angel

Moving my wand i would fill those trunks
with mirrors that told me i was a beautiful someone
And a handful of happiness that I glittered on me
All for an effortless smile that i had scarcely seen

If it were true then I’d be a star

That sparkes our eyes and glints our heart
A burning ball yet a soothing view
That disappears with the morning dew

If it were true then i wouldnt be me
But someone better in everything

Who smiled even when it ache
These tears ; none but a beautiful rain
And never had faults that looked like cracks
If i wasnt me , I’d be glad.

《《 What We Became 》》

Spilling lies like pills of poison
Staining truths in the shades of dying seasons
Drying tears in the cracks of solemn prayers
Turning storms into one’s own living nightmares
And as soon as I step back on the stairs of praises
I can see faces who were never this outrageous
Behind locked doors; mocked as a sad sack
But even with faults , i wont ever look back

Aah !!! yes those nightmares are scary
But people scare me too
Figures with loose skin of love and trust;
Never really knew you

So before i soak my tears,
and slow my heart beat
I must not walk, but crawl to the aching truths;
For no surly lie can ever please me..


In the dust of created classes,
In the wind of hate
We were growing qualities like weeds,
In the filth of unreal praise.

For the glint of the glistening gold,
For attires exhibiting in the stalls;
Troddling feet with the curious masses,
To be remembered with our skin and not sweat at all.

To the rush of those places,
To the unheard tune of the day,
We walked deaf and sat quite busy
To the twirling autumn stay.

For the signals from heaven,
And the broken wings of youth;
Brings a ray of hope to us,
Alas! An itch in the eye ; averting us from the truth

With reflections on the fallen drops,
And the image of our own
We stood amongst the ephemeral glory ,
At last buried in a sheath of gold ,

Which was not a skin ; not a soul

A mere cloth tied to corpse,

Whilst it mixed with sand
Like a tale unshared ; untold .

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